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Enchant your audience

Why are social media templates important for my business?

Social Media Templates are important to keep your brand recognizable to your audience and keep everything consistent across all social media platforms.
It is also a time saver to have templates there, ready to go for when you need to create content.

How do you design them?

All Social Media Templates are designed in Canva.
Canva is a design platform used to create social media graphics and presentations. The platform is free to all users but also offers pay subscription for additional functions.
One of the best things we love about Canva is that it is so easy to use, anyone can do it!

If you use Canva, why can’t I design it myself?

Well, you could! But having a professional handling it will give your brand a more polished and consistent appearance across all media.

Also, we don’t rely solely on Canva to create your templates; we use a variety of software to achieve the desired design and aesthetic. Once everything is ready, we transfer the assets to Canva for your convenience and ease of use.

And let’s be honest… not everyone is blessed with a knack for design work. #MicrosoftPaintSkills